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B I R T H   D O C U M E N T A R Y

The day your child is born will be a life-altering, soul-transforming experience.


Childbirth is intense. beautiful. raw. organic.

That inner fierce you never knew you had surpasses any fears or anxieties - you surprise even yourself.  And as soon as your baby is delivered and held in your arms for the first time, you'll be so glad you have that  "I can't believe I did it" moment in the form of images and/or video. What a gift to be able to look back on such a pivotal event in your life!

As a Birth Photographer, I capture your birth artistically and tastefully. I don't take for granted the honor and privilege I have to be a part of something so sacred and pure, and I respect your birthing space and boundaries to make sure you continue to feel safe and comfortable the whole time. Afterwards, you are provided  with quality images from your special day that are shareable with your friends and family! When incorporating video or media, your final product will be one that takes your breath away as you marvel at your own endurance and transformation into motherhood. 


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Considering It?

I currently book up to 3 births a month. I always advise those who are interested in Birth Documentary to schedule a consultation sooner rather than later. This is the perfect opportunity for you to feel me out and ask any questions that come to your mind!

Please email me if you experience any difficulty completing the online form.


What's Included:

-A coffee date  to make sure I am the right person for you (my treat!)

-Second consultation to verify your birth plan

-Ethereal and Contemporary Maternity Portrait Session

- On-Call from 37 weeks until delivery

-Artistically and tastefully edited digital images and/or video on a customized USB. Fabric bound albums are also available.

Two of my Birth Documentary packages include video. Here are two great examples of what your birth story video-slideshow may look like!

After losing my mom while 7 months pregnant, planning for pictures was the last thing on my mind. Mine and Dani’s paths crossed just a couple of weeks before I was due to give birth and I ended up scheduling to use her for maternity portraits, birth documentation and her new mom and baby session. That ended up being one of the best decisions I made for my pregnancy. Dani gave me the gift of beautiful images to look back on and have something to smile about. Dani is more than a photographer. She is truly a caring and compassionate person which is apparent within 5 minutes of talking with her. She made me remember my value during a very vulnerable time. My planned homebirth took an unexpected turn and ended in a csection. Dani was right there; not over stepping in any way but still completely supporting me and reminding me I wasn’t alone. I will never forget that. She made sure to create a beautiful birth video for me even though I didn’t get the birth I wanted. Throughout this entire process, Dani has made it very clear that her clients are her priority. She’s not happy unless you’re happy. She is the perfect balance between professional and compassionate. This is such a delicate time in a woman’s life and not only does Dani create beautiful art for you to treasure always, but she makes certain that your experience with her will be priceless. I cannot say enough good things about Dani and the incredible job she did documenting this special time in a way that was sensitive to my experience.

— Abby W.

“I can’t sufficiently express how much it means to me to have had a birth photographer present for our 4th child. Having Dani with us and sharing our experience meant so much more than just the photos to look back on. For me it meant an uninterrupted connection with my incredible wife while she performed a miracle. It meant that I could fully embrace every second and focus on nothing but my son’s entry into the world. It meant sharing a moment with my wife unique to anything we had experienced before and knowing that we would be able to look back on this time and connect to those feelings through our beautiful photos. It was a certain peace of mind knowing that I could soak in everything about that morning and not have to worry about capturing the magic for my wife. I felt safe in the knowledge that we would be able to revisit our experience through our timeless images without having to worry about capturing the perfect instances myself. It allowed me the freedom to hold my wife and love her and support her in every way she needed and for that I could not be more grateful” -Jerred Thibodeau

— Jerred T.


Read my own "why"

Birth Documentary begins at $1300 with custom and interest-free payment plans. For more commonly asked questions, click the link below!

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