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Mercy Hospital Birth Photography Oklahoma City
My Birth Documentary Clients Have Said.....

"When initially asked if I wanted a photographer around during my labor and delivery.. my first thought was “I’m not sure I really want to worry about all of that while trying to push a baby out and I definitely did not want any “gross” pictures”. After speaking with Danielle, she made me feel very comfortable with her and the situation and assured me that would be my last worry during that time. My water broke at home and I waiting for the contractions to start. I headed to the hospital around 6:30 and by 8PM, my contractions were full blown. I was in so much pain, I honestly didn’t know who was in the room. It turns out my Doula, Anna Rhodes, contacted Danielle and told her I was in labor. Hours went by before I decided to receive an epidural and once the pain subsided and I could actually take a breath and open my eyes, Danielle had been in the room for hours taking pictures already. She was right, it was my last worry. Even after my epidural and during the pushing stages, I never really noticed Danielle taking pictures. She left shortly after I delivered. I got an email a few days later saying my pictures were ready to view and the emotions set in. I look back on these, indescribable images, that captured one of the most amazing moments in my life. My second child, but my first VBAC and I’m in awe. She captured the hard times, the restful moments, and the birth of my baby girl. Remember how I didn’t want any “gross” pictures? My favorite picture of all is my baby girl entering this world and it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Out of all the images she took, none of them were gross or distasteful but instead painted my beautiful birth story that I can cherish for years to come. Thank you Dani for capturing those beautiful moments for me!"  -Ashley Henley

Oklahoma Birth Photograher at Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City
OU Children's Hospital Birth Photography newborn

"Dani is the perfect balance of professional and personal. I met with Dani for a consultation late into my pregnancy and she was so understanding and flexible. My husband and I felt such a bond that we immediately booked our birth documentary. Not only did Dani constantly keep in touch throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, she also was super flexible when our plans had to suddenly change from a birthing center birth to an emergency induction at the hospital. She was calm throughout all of the chaos and captured beautiful pictures. She moved around all of the hospital staff so effortlessly that you didn’t even notice she was there. Our slideshow has brought all of our family and friends to tears. Dani has gone above and beyond our expectations as we lost my sister just two days after I gave birth to our son. She checked on us daily and made sure we knew that she was there if we needed her for anything. I am forever grateful to have found such an amazing photographer and we will cherish the friend we have made and all that she has done for me and my family."  -Kelly Thibodeau

“I can’t sufficiently express how much it means to me to have had a birth photographer present for our 4th child. Having Dani with us and sharing our experience meant so much more than just the photos to look back on. For me it meant an uninterrupted connection with my incredible wife while she performed a miracle. It meant that I could fully embrace every second and focus on nothing but my son’s entry into the world. It meant sharing a moment with my wife unique to anything we had experienced before and knowing that we would be able to look back on this time and connect to those feelings through our beautiful photos. It was a certain peace of mind knowing that I could soak in everything about that morning and not have to worry about capturing the magic for my wife. I felt safe in the knowledge that we would be able to revisit our experience through our timeless images without having to worry about capturing the perfect instances myself. It allowed me the freedom to hold my wife and love her and support her in every way she needed and for that I could not be more grateful” -Jerred Thibodeau

new daddy in yukon, Oklahoma hires birth photographer to capture special day
laboring mom with oklahoma city doula and behind the scenes shots from Birth Photographe

"Danielle met us at the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. She faded into the background taking picture after picture of all the details a laboring mom misses. I loved how she took pictures of the time we arrived (I always forget this detail) plus the time of my son's birth. Through the pictures I got to see not only what was happening to me but all the love and support of those around me. I felt the love of my husband that day, but to SEE his love for me in a picture is priceless. Then there are the pictures of my beautiful boy! The details that were captured went beyond what I had hoped! adding Danielle to my birth plan was one of the best decisions."  -Ruthie Nicewander

"Thank you, Dani Marie Photography, for taking wonderful birth pictures the night my son was born. I really appreciate you sticking with us for many hours into the night and capturing some special moments that my family will cherish. For me, there were even some fun surprise photos of activities that I wasn’t aware of at the time due to so many things occurring as soon as the baby was born. Danielle, our photographer, was very helpful and supportive to my wife and I while taking some great photos. I am glad she was part of the whole experience. Thank you again Danielle!"  -Adam Milligan

Mercy Hospital new dad with newborn baby as birth photographer documents first moments
C-secton birth photography cesarean birth at OU Childrens hospital in Oklahoma City

"Dani went above and beyond for us! I can’t stop looking at our birth photos. Not only is the pictures beautiful but her work taking them is amazing. She got all the little details no one thinks about. Dani successfully captured my hard work and all the love and support from everyone without being a scene. While taking the pictures we hardly noticed and was able to focus on us. She also was such a great support during the labor. I didn’t know I needed someone like her till I had her I have been and will forever continue to tell everyone about Dani’s work. We now have our families forever photographer".  -Allie Bridges

"I came across Dani's work at a birth event and won her door prize. She and I met a couple of times to go over our birth photography wishes and

get to know each other better. The maternity session that came as part 

of her package was a pleasant surprise. We were a bit rushed 

(due to my own plans) but she managed a productive shoot and when I 

saw the images, I was so surprised to see her gorgeous work. She took 

time to do an amazing gallery for me and was so patient as I culled my 


As the due date approached, we checked in often and as luck would 

have it, my labor started during a winter ice storm. Dani was the first 

person on the birth team to arrive. She was a calm presence and an 


My images were delivered timely and there was an abundance. She 

caught moments that I didn't remember. She captured my kids helping 

with the birth which was really important to me and she took time to 

play with them some too.

I'm so glad I trusted Dani to document such a special time in our lives! 

She's professional, talented and I'm happy to call her friend."  -Keri K. 

Midwife home birth in yukon captured by Oklahoma City Birth Photograher Dani Marie Photography

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