Mom of three rowdy boys- one with special needs which involves busy, but playful therapy sessions every week!


Nerd of all-things-birth. My own person experiences include 1 c-section and 2 VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean). 2 other children born to heaven too soon as result of painful miscarriages


Lover of art and music, but also sports! Thankfully I get to express that side of myself by coaching my boys soccer teams. 


Firm believer that Dippin Dots are the best creation EVER. Banana Split flavor, y'all. Banana Split.


Traveling and making memories with my family has become of upmost importance to me. We of course love trips to Disney World and the beach, but are looking forward to other worldly adventures in our future!


Hey y'all! My name is Danielle but most of my friends and family know me as Dani. Born and raised in Oklahoma, you'll hear me say "y'all" frequently.

I am a wife to a very supportive husband and a mom to three crazy but charming boys who make sure they know their mama is loved. My interest in Birth Documentary peaked after giving birth to my firstborn son in 2011, whose birth did not go as planned what-so-ever. I remember that same experience as I document other local mama's births and make sure their life-changing day gets full attention. I don't want any details from her birth to go un-missed. 


I've always been drawn to the arts whether it be music, classical paintings, design work, or photography. My love for painting carries through in my custom backdrops that I create for my clients' portraits. I make my moms feel comfortable in front of the camera and guide them through the portrait process. Every mom deserves to have a truly stunning portrait of herself when she is carrying her child. The moment you are physically and anatomically connected with your child is only a temporary one- and it is magical. Mom should be able to remember, reflect on, and cherish this moment for a lifetime.

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