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Connection. Soul. Integrity. Legacy.

Hi, I'm Dani! And those are just four words that describe what I am after as a Contemporary Portrait Artist.

Motherhood is something so sacred and unique to each individual that I am always in awe to capture it on camera. I strive to create high-end, heirloom portraits by using a combination of fine art, fashion, and editorial styles and influences into my craft that will seal your legacy for the ones you will leave behind. I aim to produce photographs so beautiful and worthy that you'll find it difficult to ever remove them from the walls of your home. 

Your portrait session will lead you down a path of self-discovery.


As a mother myself, I carefully plan your session following the input you provide me and Photograph each person with intentionality. The end result will leave your speechless.

And down the road when you revisit your folio case or album, you'll be able to reflect on the stages of life that mattered most to you. From when you were first expecting and making the transformation into motherhood, to the raw and organic moments of giving birth, to when you are the matriarch of your family wishing to leave behind a tribute of memories to your loved ones.

Some other tidbits about me

WEB IMG_6682-Edit.jpg


Mom of three rowdy boys- one with special needs which involves busy, but playful therapy sessions every week!


Nerd of all-things-birth. My own person experiences include 1 c-section and 2 VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean). 2 other children born to heaven too soon as result of painful miscarriages


Lover of art and music, but also sports! Thankfully I get to express the athletic side of me by coaching my boys soccer teams. 


Firm believer that Dippin Dots are the best creation EVER. Banana Split flavor, y'all. Banana Split.


Traveling and making memories with my family has become of upmost importance to me. We of course love trips to Disney World and the beach, but are looking forward to other worldly adventures in our future!

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