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Newborn baby little fingers captued by Oklahoma City Birth Photographer


birth documentary

How does it all work?

Most birth clients will have up to two meetings before the big day. We will iron out all the birth plan details as well as set up a time for your complimentary maternity session. I'll begin my on-call period at 37 weeks. When you suspect labor has begun, you will notify me and I will begin preparing to come be by your side. I will remain for up to two hours post birth in order to document all of those extremely special first moments with baby.

What kind of images or media can I expect?

My style as a Birth Photographer is to focus mainly on connection, bond, and soul. In our consultations, we will discuss the kind of imagery that means the most to you. We will also touch on any imagery that you do not desire to be photographed (such as any revealing or graphic shots). I will only include in your gallery what you have specified you desire. 

What do your packages include?

I offer three different packages that each include different things. All three include a complimentary Contemporary Maternity Portrait Session and some include a New-Mom-and-Baby session. Video is also available. Packages begin at $1,200.

Are payment plans an option?

Absolutely! I happily provide completely customizable and interest-free payment plans to better assist my clients. I am happy to discuss this more with you at your first consultation.

What if I end up having a c-section?

In some cases, the hospital and/or provider will allow for a second person to join you in the Operating Room. Some hospitals, however, will not. In the event that I am unable to join you, I will provide your birth partner with my backup camera and preload the most appropriate settings on it. Remember, so many of the beautiful images are the ones surrounding the actual birth. I will still be there before and immediately after to get all of those great shots!

What if I am having a scheduled cesarean?

I do not have different rates for scheduled cesareans. I treat all of my birth clients the same and still go on-call at 37 weeks because baby's sometimes do come early- even earlier than your scheduled cesarean date- and I must be ready to go and meet you wherever you are. 

How can I be sure you'll show up on time?

At your consultation(s), we will note any prior labor and delivery history you may have. A solid plan will be formed and you will know exactly when to notify me. I always secure two backup photographers who also specialize in Birth's for the extra insurance. Additionally, I make sure to only book up to two births a month in order to make myself available to you.

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