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My favorite Netflix and Prime shows to binge on (especially helpful for that fun postpartum period)

Are you like me and get hooked on a show rather easily?

My husband and I cut the cord to our cable a little over a year ago and have no regrets. We have hardly any negative news and political ad campaigns flooding our airwaves now, but it has also meant that we have to wait for a show to be released on Netflix or Prime in order to watch it.

Cue the start of a binge session. We can easily finish a show in a matter of days.

Sometimes I'm resentful of that fact. I want these shows to go on forever and not have to wait a whole other year or more to pass by before we get to watch the following season.

All that being said- here is my favorite list of shows we have personally watched. Let it be known before you continue on that we are kind of detective-murder-mystery-show-junkies. We also personally go for shows that have little to know nudity or sexual innuendo's.

Note: These are not listed in any particular order


1. Seven Seconds

2. Marcella

3. Broadchurch (so so so good)

4. Stranger Things

5. Longmire

6. The Walking Dead

7. Breaking Bad

8. Sherlock

9. The Killing

10. Wallander

11. River (I go back and forth on this one)

12. Shetland

Amazon Prime

1. Absentia

2. Goliath

3. Man in the High Castle

4. Jack Ryan

5. Bosch

6. Better Call Saul

7. Sneaky Pete!! (love this one)

I'm sure I am forgetting other, amazing shows. For now, I hope this helps with all of you out there who are just looking for evening entertainment after you finally get your kids to bed or for you new mama's who are up several times at night for feedings.

Hang in there!


P.S.- for more information on Oklahoma City Lactation Consultants or Post Partum Doula's, please contact me! I would be happy to assist you!

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