Closing out 2019: My personal, favorite portraits and images that I captured

I made a similar blog post last year in 2018 (see here) and I really enjoy having it not only as a place for clients to go and reflect back on some of their own portraits but it's also a place I can refer back to for inspiration and growth as a Portrait & Birth Photographer and Artist.

I won't waste too much of your time on this post with my own commentary- my hope is that each image you see will speak for itself and evoke something within you. And I'd love to hear how each image moves you specifically in the comments below! It's helpful to me.

Keep in mind- these are in no particular order as I love them ALL!

note: some images have not been shared due to client privacy.

1.- The way he looks at her

2. Strength and mystery

3. This entire session

4. Connection

5. Mom's first embrace post c-section

6. Unwavering support

7. Just wow.

8. Serenity

9. Pure.

10. New bond formed

11. Lean on me.

12. Subtle captivation

13. innocence

14. Utter joy and peace

15. Waiting for this to become a meme

16. Physician support

17. Sincere smile

18. Beauty, frozen in time

19. Total commitment

20. Office glam

21. The small touch that means the most

22. All of the emotions from this birth!

23. Speechless

24. Risky Business

25. EVERYTHING about this birth. Everything.

26. peanut

27. Bloom

28. Inspire

29. Undeniable bond

30. What matters most

31. Over the moon

32. The perfect Shilouette

33. Letting go

34. Abundance of love. From everyone.

35. Getting to know you

36. Nothing but laughter, love, and joy

37. tender yet perfect

38. the sweetest thing

39. down to the detail

40. heartbreaker

41. Iconic

42. Release

And that's a wrap for my own list of favorite images from 2019.

Y'all there are so many more I could post and share. I'd share them all if I was honest, but these images above really do speak to my soul and I hope they do to yours as well.

Thanks for reading!


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