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Closing out 2019: My personal, favorite portraits and images that I captured

I made a similar blog post last year in 2018 (see here) and I really enjoy having it not only as a place for clients to go and reflect back on some of their own portraits but it's also a place I can refer back to for inspiration and growth as a Portrait & Birth Photographer and Artist.

I won't waste too much of your time on this post with my own commentary- my hope is that each image you see will speak for itself and evoke something within you. And I'd love to hear how each image moves you specifically in the comments below! It's helpful to me.

Keep in mind- these are in no particular order as I love them ALL!

note: some images have not been shared due to client privacy.


1.- The way he looks at her

birth photography baby born mercy hospital Oklahoma City

2. Strength and mystery

portraits and headshots in Oklahoma City Nichols hills near classes curve on western avenue

3. This entire session

4. Connection

newborn pictures and photography in Oklahoma City serving Edmond, Piedmont, Yukon, mustang, and other areas

5. Mom's first embrace post c-section

c-section birth photography in Oklahoma City and Norman

6. Unwavering support

birth photographer captures tender moment between mom and dad during labor in Oklahoma City at mercy hospital

7. Just wow.

glamour shot style photography for women in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

8. Serenity

contemporary portraits maternity photography available in Oklahoma City documenting baby and birth

9. Pure.

newborn new baby pictures taken by Dani Marie Photography in Oklahoma City, serving surrounding areas and documenting births at local hospitals

10. New bond formed

incredible birth image taken by birth and portrait photographer in Oklahoma City Moore, ok

11. Lean on me.

laboring hard at local hospital in Oklahoma City, first time parents are photographed by birth and maternity photographer

12. Subtle captivation

elegant boudoir style photography in Oklahoma City

13. innocence

clean newborn photography in Oklahoma near classes curve serving okc and surrounding metro

14. Utter joy and peace

more women hiring a birth photographer for their births in Oklahoma City and Edmond, Yukon, mustang, Piedmont

15. Waiting for this to become a meme

funny moment captured by local Oklahoma City birth photographer at mercy hospital

16. Physician support

anesthesia support at lakeside women's hospital documented by birth photographer Danielle Murray

17. Sincere smile

white sheet boudoir photography Oklahoma City Oklahoma

18. Beauty, frozen in time

bump to baby birth and beyond photography Oklahoma City

19. Total commitment

couples photography in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

20. Office glam

contemporary headshots offered at local photographers studio in Nichols hills, Oklahoma

21. The small touch that means the most

doula support is so important in Oklahoma births for medicated, c-sections, or natural births

22. All of the emotions from this birth!

23. Speechless

24. Risky Business

25. EVERYTHING about this birth. Everything.

26. peanut

27. Bloom

28. Inspire

29. Undeniable bond

30. What matters most

31. Over the moon

32. The perfect Shilouette

33. Letting go

34. Abundance of love. From everyone.

35. Getting to know you

36. Nothing but laughter, love, and joy