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Beauty tips, Adoption in Oklahoma, and a story of Infertility

So first of all- hi! I'm still here and still alive!

I know it's been a little bit since I've engaged in the blog world but dang corona virus had me down in the dumps for a bit. After some processing and reflecting, I am back to rock and roll!

Secondly, you might be aware that Anna Rhodes (from First Embrace Birth Services) came up with an amazing idea to start a video conversation series with you guys. We figured, especially in times of quarantine and isolation- smack dab in the midst of a pandemic -that the best way we can still connect with you all and still make it feel as authentic and personable as possible would be to do it in the form of a pre-recorded video series. It is our hope to be able to take these live on Facebook one day- and hopefully one day SOON- but for now, we accept our current circumstances and go with the flow.

We are calling it Bits & Pieces with Dani & Anna and we post the weekly episodes on our Facebook pages every Saturday afternoon/evening. And if you have already been following along with us, then you may have seen our most recent episode 3 that included a very special guest with us: Lea Schoeffler. {If you did not see it, you may watch it here}

Lea is my primary Hair and Makeup Artist at Dani Marie Photography. She has served many of my clients and has helped their portraits to have a final, polished look due to her artistry- I value her immensely! What you may not know about Lea is that she and her husband, Jake, have gone down the road of adoption twice and only then found out that they actually both had fertility issues to deal with as well.

contemporary portrait artist Dani Marie Photography in Oklahoma City specializes in women's and family portraits, creating breathtaking and modern imagery for solo portraits, maternity, newborn, birth, and beyond.

We appreciate Lea so much for hopping on and chatting with us about something that is so personal! She has graciously offered to share more details and thoughts in the following blog post below. In it, you'll find a few quick beauty tips (because hey, we are going into the summer months now and lockdowns are starting to lift, so who doesn't need some quick pointers.....amiright?)


Written and shared by Lea Schoeffler

Beauty Therapy beauty tips:

1. You can disguise your roots with a colored dry shampoo! Your stylist likely sells them or you can find them in the hair section of most retailers. If you’re blonde dry shampoo helps make those harsh growth lines fade some. If you’ve got dark hair you can also conceal new growth with mascara or eye shadow! Everything washes out and won’t hurt your color or hair.

2. If you’re home this is a great time to give your hair