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Storytellers: What is it?

I hope by now you have seen some of my Storytellers portraits and video from recent sessions. You may be wondering what a Storytellers session is and what makes is different than a standard portrait session. I will try and break it down into the simplest of terms:

Who is it for?

- Senior Citizens who wish to leave behind their life story their loved ones

- Those with unique stories or life events that they wish to document in their own words (examples include cancer patients, a soldier's war experience, someone who has faced a traumatic event and wants their story told, etc.)

- Those who are aware that their earthly lives are coming to an end and wish to have current and formal portraits made to be remembered by

What is it?

Storytellers sessions involve both portrait taking and video documentary of your story. You may choose to leave a beautiful message behind for each of your children, your grandchildren, parents, friends, etc. You may choose for these portraits and/or video to be shown at your memorial service. Storytellers offers you the chance to leave your legacy on this world in your own words and on your own terms. It also provides your family and friends with an extraordinary gift that will be treasured by them for as long as they live. Having your beautiful and current portraits in their possession will enable them to think about you often. To tell stories about you. To hear your voice whenever they are longing for you.


Why not? If you knew that you had limited time left, wouldn't you want to share all of yourself with the world you are leaving behind? Why should only celebrities or world leaders have their moments documented for their loved ones to hold on to? This opportunity should be made available to each and every one of us. Our children, grandchildren, and other loved ones deserve to have something to hold on to after we are gone.

How does it work?

Storytellers sessions are booked with a session fee and are typically held in my studio located in NW Oklahoma City, although if special arrangements need to be made for me to come to you, we can try to arrange that. I am happy to come to local hospitals or assisted living homes if the permission from said facility is in place. If you choose to have hair and makeup added to your session, you will first sit down with my Hair and Makeup Artist while she pampers you and makes you look your absolute best without going overboard. Your portraits will be taken with 3-5 different setups and/or wardrobes. After your portrait session is over, you will change into the outfit you feel most comfortable in and we will begin your video session. Before you even step foot into the studio, you will have had a pre-session consultation with me in which your testimony/story is discussed in detail and a plan will have been made. I will help assist you along the way with verbal promptings and you will have your notes with you to help you remember everything you want to be sure to say.

From there, I will get busy editing your portraits and video, and then piecing them together into a formal slideshow video keepsake. You will be able to view your portraits and video at your reveal session 4-6 weeks later. You will have a selection of Heirloom quality products and pieces to choose from for purchase. Most clients leave the same day with their full order in hand, if not most of it.

Ready to schedule your session?

Are you ready to book your own Storytellers session? Or would you like to gift a loved one with the opportunity? Fill out my contact form below or call me at 405-323-7573 with your inquiry. Also available for purchase are gift cards that can be applied towards any session type, including Storytellers.

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