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But What If I Have a C-Section?

Hi! I'm Dani, and if you haven't ever stumbled across my website before, I am a Portrait & Birth Photographer located in NW Oklahoma City.

I get asked this question often from moms who are interested in Birth Photography. (read more below)

Some hospitals in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas will allow Birth Photographers to come in and capture the moment of delivery. Others, not so much. And unfortunately, as a Birth Photographer, I am bound by the policies of your birth facility.

Many women are understandably worried about this. They think that if they have a c-section that having a Birth Photographer won't be worth it anymore. But let me tell you- Cesarean Births are just as beautiful and in their own way (and I'm not just saying that- my first son was born via c-section) ! Your birth is significant and worthy of being documented no matter how your baby enters this world!

You still will receive a gallery and/or video slideshow detailing the events before and immediately after that will tell your amazing story. The actual delivery is only a tiny portion of your whole birth experience.

But to answer the question, "What if I have a c-section?"......... Here's how it would look (typically):

  • I will be shooting and/or filming away like normal before the call for a c-section is made.

  • When it is made, I will make all attempts possible to be by your side

  • If I am told no, I will hand over my backup camera to Daddy or your birthing partner and have it preloaded with the best settings possible to not confuse him or her.

  • When you are wheeled out of the OR with your precious newborn baby, I'll be there immediately picking up where I left off.

  • Everything else will go as originally planned.

  • You will receive a beautiful gallery of images (including the ones taken by your partner in the operating room) and, if you selected a package with video, a video slideshow documenting the day's events.

I'd like to invite you to watch this video of a home-birth-turned-unplanned-hospital-transfer-cesarean birth. It's not a marketing video- it's my clients actual video that was delivered to her as well- so it is just a little over 8 minutes long. I was not allowed into the OR for this client's birth, so there are no surgical images to warn you about.

I think you'll find it to be even more beautiful than you might anticipate!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Click here to be taken over to my Birth Documentary page to view more information!

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