Connection. Soul. Integrity. Legacy.

Hi, I'm Dani! And those are just four words that describe what I am after as a Digital Artist & Photographer.

Whether it's documenting your birth, photographing your pregnancy, or preserving your legacy through heirloom portraits &/or video, I aim to create beautiful and artistic pieces for you to cherish through the generations of your family. 

Your portraits, images, and media will lead you down a path of self-discovery.


Down the road when you revisit your folio case or album, you'll be able to reflect on the stages of life that mattered most to you. From when you were first expecting and transforming into motherhood, to the raw and organic moments of giving birth, to when you are the matriarch of your family wishing to leave behind a tribute to your loved ones.

And when your memories begin to fade, you'll have the help of your printed portraits and media to reignite those important moments of life that you'll be forever grateful you invested in.

Services Offered

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