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black noir

By now you've probably heard of Boudoir photography. Boudoir Photography is a genre that is designed to mimic a woman's private bedroom quarters or other intimate space. Boudoir photography can be seductive, powerful, and sometimes even graphic. 

White Sheet sessions are my variation of boudoir. As an artist, I personally prefer a more modest - but still sensual and beautiful- approach. Often, women will sign up for these sessions when she feels (or wants to feel) the best about herself inside and out. She wants to honor who she is in her own skin and she wants to be able to look back on her images in 20+ years and think, "I'm so glad I wasn't ashamed of my body". 

Because, lets face it- women are the hardest on themselves when it comes to this topic.

White Sheet sessions are ideal for any of the following:

  • women 18 years and older

  • those who are body-confident or are seeking body-confidence

  • those who want to take advantage of the now and grab life by its horns

After you book your White Sheet session, you'll receive information on how to prepare for your upcoming session, a portrait questionnaire, and other pieces of helpful tidbits. You'll arrive to my studio on N. Western Ave for your portrait session, which typically lasts about 1.5 hours and you may have up to 5 outfit changes. Hair and Makeup is available as an add-on. When your images are done being edited, you will come back for an in-person reveal and ordering appointment. You'll be shown your top 25 printed portraits from your portrait session to make your selections from.

Most White Sheet clients order albums, as they are more private and discreet. However, you'll also have the option of purchasing single images only, heirloom folio cases, framed enlargements, or digital images.

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