What is it?

Storytellers was born out of the realization that I did not have current, professional portraits of loved ones dear to me who have since passed. I am not able to hang their portraits on our family's legacy wall. I am not able to show my children a truly accurate, focused, and crisp image of their family member so that they may grasp who those persons were. What they looked like. How it would have felt to hug them, while they hold the portrait and gaze into the persons eyes imagining what they laughed like- sounded like- smelled like. And that broke my heart.

Death is not something many of us want to think about but it is an unavoidable fact of life that we will all face. I want you to think about what your legacy means to you. How do you wish to be remembered by your loved ones? Would you feel more secure in your legacy knowing that it won't be forgotten in a stack of randomly printed 4x6's laying around in a box somewhere? Or all of those digital images that go unnoticed and hidden away on a hard drive- out of sight, out of mind? I'll document everything that is important to you to make sure it doesn't get forgotten or lost after you are gone.  Consider your Storytellers session the biggest gift and investment you could  ever make for your family and friends.


Memories are forever. Memories are cherished. The reflections of your past and present are priceless

Note: While many of my Storytellers clients tend to be senior citizens, Storytellers is for anyone of any age who has a story to tell and an urgency to tell it. These sessions can be adjusted and custom-tailored for many circumstances and settings. It is also possible to gift a Storytellers session to someone you love.

How does it work?

Storytellers is a Portrait & Video experience. When you come in for your session, you will first sit down with hair and makeup if you chose to add it on at booking. Next, you will have your portraits taken in a number of setups and wardrobes and finally, we will sit down for you to formally tell your story while I video. At your reveal session, which takes place approximately 3-6 weeks later, you'll be able to see your portraits for the first time. You'll also watch a slideshow containing your story narrated by you. Your story will be available for purchase on USB in as many copies as you want, allowing your history and mark on the world to be told over and over again.

Story Tellers has a $349 session fee. Hair and Makeup can be arranged at your request. Heirloom Collections begin at $400. 

Watch below for an example of a shortened Storytellers Video

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