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So you want to have Contemporary Female Portraits? Here is your guide.

Dreaming of owning heirloom quality, artistic and stunning portraits of yourself like the ones below? Do you want that one showstopper, framed enlargement on your wall so that when your guests visit, they simply cannot move themselves away from it? I want you to as well, and I have created this simple guide to prep you for your session.

Skin. Come to the studio clean and neatly groomed. Exfoliate your skin the night before. Wear an overnight mask if you'd like, such as this one from GlamGlow or this one from Olay. Start pampering yourself early- why wait for the session to begin your portrait experience? If you have chosen to add on Hair and Makeup services by one of my talented Hair and Makeup artists, then come with a clean face and hair without any product in it. Do not put on any lotions or product on your skin or hair that has a shimmer or glitter look to it. This is a big no-no for such a session.

Hair and Makeup. If you have decided to forego hair and makeup services by the professionals, wear your hair down. Slightly curled or beach-wave hair is wonderful but not necessary. You can always put your hair back in an updo while you are here for more variety of images. For makeup, you should use matte powder, blush, and eyeshadow only- nothing with shimmer or shine. Don't overdo your foundation or concealer. The same applies to any eyeliner, lip liner, and mascarra. A light and natural look is always aways best. I can enhance and add to a lot of things in post-processing, but I cannot remove makeup very easily. Go for a nude or natural color palette. 

What to Wear. As a client of mine, you'll have access to the dresses and fabrics plus any of my accessories that I have here at the studio. However, you may choose to bring your own clothing as well. Bring dresses or skirts that are formal or "formal-ish" in nature. Think of what you might wear to an evening wedding or cocktail party. Bring that. Don't even bother with the high heels-you won't need them. I prefer my clients to be barefoot. Speaking of might even be treated with some Barefoot wine while you are here! What's a fun Ladies' day/night out without some wine and treats? Of course, other non-alcoholic beverages are always available as well.

How to Sit. Be prepared for me to pose you and assist you into positions that will be most flattering to you and your body type. EVERY woman is beautiful and deserves to have a beautiful portrait of herself. It is my job to guide you through this process. I will look for that special connection with your body language and of course- your eyes- in order to provide you with an amazing reveal gallery later. Whether it is a normal contemporary session, an ethereal maternity session (my favorite!), or a session with your child(ren), I can make it happen. And speaking of maternity, if you're interested in also having your Birth documented, I offer a complimentary maternity session with each my Birth Photography packages. wink-wink. 

Please come see me. I promise you'll have such an enjoyable experience and we will have fun together. Think of these sessions as a spa-day of sorts except with makeovers and glamours portraits! Let me pamper you. Bring a girlfriend or sister, too! My session fee includes up to 2 people (larger parties are priced separately).




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