Dads: You are just as important in the birth story!

This is an open letter to all you fathers out there who are about to witness the miracle of life enter the world. Maybe it's the first time for you or maybe you've done this before.

Either way, if you are like my husband, you are probably feeling a little nervous about it all. You might think you have nothing to contribute. And that might make you feel like you could get in the way of things.

I'm here to tell you that is absolutely false.

I'm not sure I could have given birth feeling as calm as I did without the support of the father of my children. Physically and emotionally (but especially emotionally!).

Your partner needs to know you are there. She needs to feel you. She needs to see you. She needs to sense your overall presence.

She needs to know you are in this with her. Together.

And remember, while it is just as important to make sure she is ok and that she is nourished and well rested... it's also important for you to take care of yourself. Make sure you have the energy and stamina to keep up your good efforts!

Honestly and truly, I promise that your role in the birth story is just as crucial as all the others. And you help to complete the story when baby is finally here and in your arms too! Did you know that baby's benefit from skin-to-skin with Dad, too?

So Dad, stay with her. Remain by her side and maintain that calm demeanor. Let her feel safe falling into your loving embrace. Remind her how beautiful, strong, and capable she is. I promise you.... she will never forget the tremendous amount of support and love you showed her on that day. It will be something she will brag to her family and friends about (and most importantly your children when they are older) for years and years to come.

Thanks, Dads, for all you do. You matter to us. You are important. And you are very much a part of this story!

Dani Marie is a Contemporary Portrait & Birth Photographer serving women and their families in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and surrounding areas.

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