Because newborn babies are the most flexible and sleepy during the first two weeks of life, I recommend scheduling newborn portraits sometime between 6 and 12 days, with days 8-10 often being the "sweet spot". Therefore, if you are sure you want a newborn session, it is best to book your session prior to giving birth and then together, you and I will stay in close contact and find a time to get you and your new baby in the studio at the most ideal time. 


Earth tones are often used for newborn babies and I use very minimal- if any- props. The reason being, I prefer to keep your baby as the soul focus. Bright, flashy colors and props can be distracting to the eye and take away from who your baby is as a person. As a soul. 


Once you've booked your newborn session, ideally when you are still pregnant or expecting, we will have a pre-session consultation to discuss the images that are most important to you and develop an appropriate game plan to accomplish said images. We will discuss items that you may bring along with you, and we will make sure to have time available for any nursing/feeding/diaper changing breaks. You'll be offered plenty of snacks and beverage to help you stay comfortable. Newborn sessions themselves can take up to 3 or 4 hours long depending on how well baby is cooperating and how many breaks you might need. You'll come back for your Reveal Session and Ordering Appointment once your best 25 images have been post-processed.



Our babies grow way too fast so it's certainly understandable that you would want to capture your newborn in his or her first days of life, preserving those tiny little toes and baby fuzz! 


You'll never regret having these memories, especially when one day you've blinked and he just turned 16 and is driving his first car. Or when she heads to college and you are wondering where on earth time has gone?

In those moments, you'll have these portraits to hold on tight to and remember holding him/her for the first time. What she smelled like. How you felt when your eyes met his when he was born. 

And I'd be honored to be the one to do this for you.

Clothing & Accessories

I have a newborn wardrobe that I allow my clients to use so that you do not have to purchase anything of your own. That said, you are welcome to bring anything of your own that you would like your baby to be photographed in, as long as it reflects and respects the overall clean and timeless style that I offer in my portraits. I am happy to assist you in your selections!


Interested in booking your newborn session? Contact me today to get the ball rolling. I'll send you over more information on pricing and anything else you might need.

Hair & Makeup

Mom's are welcome to Professional Hair & Makeup Artistry as an add-on. Your stylist will greet you upon your arrival and their fees will be due upon services rendered.

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