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Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you truly invested in you? Not just in terms of financial investment- but time. energy. emotionally.

I often hear my clients say that having a portrait session with me is like having a therapy session. As your photographer, I focus on your eyes which are the windows to your soul. Your eyes, your body language, your overall connection is immediately felt when looking at your portraits. They move you. They make you proud of the person you are looking at. 

We all say it- "time passes by too quickly." And it's true. Don't let your years waste you by before you document and capture who you are and were to this earth. Leave behind a truly beautiful, heirloom piece for your family and their families. Don't be forgotten. 


To prepare for your session, we will have a pre-session phone consultation in the weeks leading up to your portrait session date. We will discuss how you want to be photographed, how you want to feel when you see your portraits, and what you intend on doing with them. Along with some other information I will gain from you, together we will come up with the perfect plan for your photo session.

Client Wardrobe

Clients are invited to wear any of my women's gowns and skirts and accessories. You are also welcome to bring your own items with you.

Hair & Makeup

Professional Hair & Makeup Artistry is available as an add-on. Your stylist will greet you upon your arrival and their fees will be due upon services rendered.

Reveal Session

Upon the completion of post-processing your images, you will be invited back for a personalized reveal session which will include the best 25 printed portraits from your portrait session. You'll be treated with desert and beverage.


Ready to book?

Inquire today for more information on pricing and availability and to get your session scheduled.

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